Our chairperson

MS. Bibi Kulsum Akter Ripa

With Fifteen years of progressive practical experience as Ms. Bilkis Akter is working in the role of chairperson of PentaGems – Contributes to formulate and develop strategy, plans and budget to ensure the policy guidelines implementation and adherence, provides internal advisory services on all matters related to, product development, business diversification, Joint Venture, mergers, registration or liquidations etc., to ensure that the corporate activities are in line with the applicable laws, works on legal matters such as new agreements, reviewing existing agreements, issue necessary documents to meet the requirements of multinational laws & maintain the companies correct legal position, guides to properly maintain custody of legal documents to ensure copyright handling, provides a advice on the potential liability, in order to take necessary steps to control the company exposure, assists HR on revising employment contracts to facilitate the recruitment or dismissed of employees and to insure its conformity.
She also has contribution on establishment of legal guidelines for tenders and review all commercial contracts that company enters to ensure its interest are safe guarded.
She formulates, provides, advises and / or reviews all contracts agreements between the company, third parties and new joint ventures to ensure that the company’s interest is protected and the best commercial position maintained, the company’s interests are fully protected and redress of grievance obtained