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SAP HANA in Action in the Healthcare Industry

Dr. Christian Regenbrecht, cancer researcher at Charité explains how the organization uses SAP HANA to quickly evaluate large amounts of data in order to optimize treatments and improve patient care. SAP HANA helps to achieve critical improvements in the healthcare industry

BPM consulting for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Process
Every aspect of the pharmaceutical manufacturing process must be controlled and monitored. In order to ensure the integrity of the enterprise and to maintain quality assurance, the implementation of standards such as ISO 9000 must be pursued. This means installing efficiently designed processes throughout the operation from product development, to supply chain and shipping. By adopting a strong, process-centric culture, your company can smoothly transition from chaotic and ad hoc management systems to a smooth running operation that will increase profits.

Consulting for Healthcare BPM

BPM Healthcare is arguably the sector with the most pressing need for standard operating procedures around the workplace. Consistent and proper patient care is a primary concern that can only be achieved through a safe and well organized operating environment. By taking on a BPM program, healthcare providers can better reach their objectives through thoroughly documented processes, risks, controls and performance measures. Our extensive experience with clients in the process mapping healthcare industry has touched on all aspects of process management and our consultants have worked with providers to meet all of their governance and compliance needs