Code of conduct

PentaGems is committed to high standards of corporate behavior towards employees, customers, suppliers, government and communities in which we operate. The purpose of the Code of Business conduct is therefore to ensure that management and employees across the group have a clear understanding of principles that are important in conducting our business. The principles are intended to guide all employees as to the ethical values the Company wants to uphold and are an important factor in maintaining and building the reputation of PentaGems as a responsible and trustworthy business partner, employer, supplier and corporate citizen.

Compliance with laws, regulations And Company’s orders/policies

There are many laws and regulations applicable to the conduct of the Company’s business. Management and employees should be familiar with, and strictly observe all laws and regulation in force covering their operations including those covering the payment of taxes, employment of staff, office orders / policies, protection of intellectual property. Compliance with the Company’s internal operating policies and procedures is of equal importance.

Ethical business conduct and fair dealing

Management and employees must accept responsibility for maintaining and enhancing the Company’s reputation for integrity and fairness in its business dealings. In its everyday business transactions the management and employees must be seen to be dealing even-handedly and honestly with its entire customer, suppliers and others with whom the Company has a relationship. Employees of the company must make sure that they deal with customers, suppliers and other business relations in a way that avoids any appearance that their independent judgment on behalf the Company will be influenced by personal advantage.