About PG

Journey from 2009

The world we live in today is increasingly dependent on digital technology, from small, hand-held devices to giant processors used in research.

PentaGems primary objective is to become a global IT Service Delivery and a Consulting Organisation, from Enterprise Solution, Business Analytics, IT advisory, IT and Management Education Service to product innovation and Business Consulting.

Our  main focus is to earn a reputation for executing small, medium and high end enterprise solutions all over Bangladesh and the globe. It offers a wide choice to its customers consisting of standalone products and integrated solutions to fulfil the emerging needs of customers.

PentaGems mobilizes the right people, skills, and technologies to help organizations enhance its performances and transform cost burdens into competitive business assets.

We have more than 200 person years of experience in IT Service Delivery, high-end IT and Business Consulting.

We at PentaGems integrate operations management services, decision analytics and technology platforms to deliver immediate results and long-term business impact.

We work as a strategic partner to help our clients simplify and streamline business operations, improve corporate finance, manage compliance, create new channels for growth, and better adapt to change.